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NASA_MOON300x225Welcome to The Center For True North® Moon Message Webinars. Monthly Moon Messages and the Moon Message Webinars are designed to inform, catalyze and inspire us in the direction of deeper self-dialogue about personal authenticity, spiritual adulthood and freedom, and co-creative fulfillment for a life of significance.  These offerings provide clarity and a sense of community for spiritual trailblazers whose destiny includes dismantling of the current paradigm and the construction of a bridge to the new earth reality. Moon Message Webinars further explore and develop the content of the current month’s moon message and assist spiritual trailblazers in their crossing of their spiritual adulthood threshold to take their rightful place among other emancipated, autonomous co-creators.

We are in the process of redesigning some of our offerings, and as a result, although we have decided to continue with the Monthly Moon Messages (you may view this month's Moon Message"BEACONS IN THE FOG " here.) we are discontinuing the subsequent Moon Message Webinars.  We believe that they will most likely reappear in another format.  We appreciate your beautiful and conscious interaction with us both in your response to the Moon Messages as well as your active attendance in the Moon Message Webinars.  If you have already joined our mailing list or should you wish to (by clicking here) we will keep you posted as we develop the next phase and format of these Webinars.

To get a taste of what these webinars are like, you may experience a free digital audio/visual archive copy HERE.

As part of each Moon Message Webinar, we will ritualistically collaborate with the rhythms and energetic functions of Earth’s moon and sun (please see the notes below). In preparation for your participation in our Monthly Moon Message teleconference/webinar, we recommend that you read the article on our website entitled SPIRITUAL HUNGER ~Our Quest for Authentic Sacredness and Profound Connection, Part One~.

    • This phase is a time of great liberation, affording us an opportunity to prepare for rebirth as the new moon approaches.

    There are various rhythms in nature - in Earth’s seasons, in the cycles of the moon, in the movement of the sun and planets in our solar system, just to name a few. There is tremendous benefit to ordering our lives in concert with these rhythms.

    There are a number of dimensions emanating from Earth through the center of our Milky Way galaxy and then additional dimensions radiating from the center of the Milky Way galaxy to the center of our universe. It’s as if the energy of sound and light emanating from the center of our universe and beyond flows to us on the currents of these various rhythms.

    For the purposes of this mystical discourse session, we’ll focus primarily on the moon and sun.

    • The moon and the sun work in partnership with one another
    • The moon is reflective, receptive and responsive, and in its waxing and waning rhythms it helps us to float in dark rivers of self-reflection and to intuitively contemplate and vision.
    • The sun is radiant, active and productive, and promotes the expression and manifestation of our desires.
    • The moon reflects our desires to the sun and the sun takes them, grows them and exposes them to the light of manifestation.

    New Moon Waxing Phase (day 1 – day 10)

    • We tend to be more sensitive at the time of the new moon.
    • In addition, because the moon is a reflector or our subconscious needs, desires and feelings, this is an ideal time to allow our needs, desires and feelings to be revealed to our conscious self.
    • At this time, we can plant the seeds of our desires, and these seeds will gestate during the waxing period and begin taking root.
    • This is a time of rebirth.

    Full Moon Phase (day 11 – day 20)

    • The moon reaches its crescendo or apex at around the 14th – 15th day of the approximate 28-29 day cycle.
    • Our feelings tend to intensify as the full moon approaches.
    • We can utilize the full moon’s radiant light to bring illumination to the seeds of our desires sown in the new moon’s waxing period.
    • During this chapter or phase, the seeds begin to sprout and the sun helps direct the manifestation.
    • In addition, the full moon’s light offers us an opportunity to notice the feelings, relationships and situations that are interfering with our emotional expression and spiritual progress. Its light also assists us in discerning our polarized and reactive patterns.

    Lunar Waning Phase (day 21 – day 28/29)

    • Because this is the final phase or chapter, it is a potent time to more consciously attend to interfering feelings, relationships and situations as well as the polarized and reactive patterns in our lives and shed our attachments to these patterns, discarding those that no longer serve us.